Catholic Faith, Navajo Culture in Educational Excellence
St. Michael Indian School boasts a 98% graduation rate.
Robotics team, the Navajo Code Writers #11529 prepares for summer

We have a rolling admissions process throughout the year, including family interviews and a placement test. 


Shadow days are available throughout the academic year and summer for prospective students to gain meet our students & faculty.


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Founded in 1946, our high school is a Catholic preparatory institution and a source of educational excellence in the Navajo Nation. Since its first graduating class of four students, the high school now educates 125 high school students and 100 middle school students. An average of 95% of our graduates go on to college or other post-secondary education with others joining the armed services. Graduates have been accepted to a number of prestigious institutions, including the University of Notre Dame, Dartmouth, Yale, and MIT--and they have been supported by noteworthy scholarships such as Gates Millenium. Our students compete in the school's championship sports teams, stage plays, and contribute service to the local community.



St. Michael Indian School service learning is expressed in many areas of school. Students participate through hosting a variety of activities within student government, clubs, athletics, and religious education classes. These projects not only benefit the community but also provide valuable learning experiences for students in areas such as leadership, teamwork, empathy, and civic engagement.   Annually service learning encompasses volunteering within the community, mentoring younger students, outreach to senior citizens, food pantry support, and disaster relief fundraising.


Students engage with their faith in various ways, fostering a deep connection to their Catholic identity. Daily prayer before classes and weekly Mass attendance provide spiritual growth and reflection opportunities. Religious education classes delve into Catholic teachings, history, and values, encouraging students to understand and apply their faith in their daily lives. Students of all faiths attend SMIS. Service projects rooted in Catholic social teaching instill a sense of compassion and responsibility towards others, fostering a commitment to serving those in need. Additionally, retreats and spiritual workshops offer students moments of introspection and community building, strengthening their relationship with God and each other. Through these diverse avenues, students in Catholic schools actively cultivate their faith, forming a strong foundation for lifelong spiritual development.


  • Legion of Mary Student Club
  • Altar Servers


St. Michael Indian School fosters student leadership through a variety of avenues that empower students to take on roles of responsibility and initiative. Student council provide platforms for students to voice their opinions, plan events, and enact positive changes within the school community. Leadership training programs and workshops equip students with essential skills such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork, nurturing their ability to lead effectively. Opportunities for peer mentoring, tutoring, and organizing extracurricular activities allow students to step into leadership roles and develop their leadership potential. By encouraging student involvement in decision-making processes and supporting their ideas and initiatives, SMIS creates environments where every student has the opportunity to grow as a leader and make meaningful contributions to their school community.

  • Student Council
  • Class Representatives
  • Club Officers
  • President’s Circle
  • AIA Ambassadors
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Honor Societies


Building a strong academic foundation for middle and high school students is crucial for preparing them for college pursuits and beyond. Recognizing this need, St. Michael Indian School increasingly incorporate project-based learning (PBL) into their curriculum, providing students with hands-on experiences to develop practical skills and critical thinking abilities. By engaging in PBL, students tackle real-world problems, collaborate with peers, and apply academic concepts in meaningful ways. This approach fosters a teamwork-focused environment where students learn to communicate effectively, delegate tasks, and work towards common goals. Moreover, PBL nurtures curiosity and a passion for learning, motivating students to explore subjects deeply and take ownership of their education. By equipping students with both academic knowledge and practical skills through project-based learning, St. Michael ensures that they are well-prepared for the rigors of college and future career pursuits.


  • 3D Lab Robotics
  • PreMed Society
  • Print Shop & Design
  • Community Service
  • Lego Labs


Participation in extracurricular activities such as athletics, choir, media clubs, music, and art is essential for students’ holistic development. Athletics promote physical fitness, teamwork, and discipline, while choir and musical activities foster a sense of community and enhance vocal skills. Engaging in media clubs and music programs develops communication, digital literacy, and creativity. Art classes encourage self-expression and problem-solving. Moreover, these activities build social skills, time management, and leadership qualities, contributing to students’ overall well-being and academic success.

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